DIY Garage Door Maintenance

DIY-Garage-Door-Maintenance-tipsGuest Post By: Garage Door Repair Lake In The Hills, IL.Regular maintenance of a garage door prolongs its life as well as ensures safety and smooth operation. Conducting an inspection of all the working components of a garage door annually can help you figure out any issue or problem that can result in a permanent malfunction or an accident that can result in a serious injury. You can carry out the maintenance of your garage by yourself and can also ask for a professional help. If you have rolled up yourself for carrying out a DIY maintenance project then the most important think that you should consider is personal safety. It is important to pay full attention to what you do because garage doors are really heavy and a little mistake can result in a serious injury. Now when we have disclaimed all potential hazards let’s talk work.

Inspection of Tracks

Inspection of tracks for dents and damages is very important. If you find any dents or dings on the track then you can fix them with the help of a rubber hammer by pounding them gently. If you find any major damages then you should call a professional to fix the problem. Dirt can also accumulate on the tracks that should be cleaned properly as well.

Level and Alignment of the Tracks

You should also check if the tracks are leveled and aligned properly. If not the bracket that hold this tracks together can be loosened up and the track can be leveled. Make sure that their alignment is slightly backward towards the garage.

Wipe out the Tracks

Make sure there is no accumulation of debris or dirt on the tracks. You can use a paintbrush and concentrated household cleaner for the sake of cleaning and clearing the tracks properly.

Lubricate all the Moving Parts of the Garage Door

Moving parts in any machine require lubrication to reduce friction that can cause surface damage. Same is the case with garage doors. Make sure that you lubricate all the moving parts that include rollers, tracks and pulleys on a regular basis to ensure smooth and safe operation. You can use just any lubrication for these purposes but dedicated garage door lubrication sprays are also available in the market that can help you lubricate all the meshing parts of the garage door easily. You will experience smoother function and a lot less noise during the operation of your garage door.

Inspect all Nut, Bolts and Fasteners

Nuts, bolts and other fasteners tend to loosen up over an extensive period of time with use. You can walk along the garage door and inspect all the bolts they are loose and then you can tighten them up with the help of a wrench. Local garage door repair company.

How to pick the Best Garage Door for a New Home

Looking out for the best option in garage doors that suits your home or business can be a little exhausting for a lot of people out there. You cannot even trust the rankings in this regard. One of the most important things that you can do before starting your research is making a list of features and options that you think are a must-have for a garage door. Once you would know what you are looking for then relating features that different garage door types offer with the ones on your list will make things really easy for you. Source: Garage Door Repair in Bartlett, IL


When you talk about the price range for various garage door types, metal garage doors are usually the most inexpensive option in the market. In some scenarios, you can easily purchase and install a metal garage door for less than $500. The most expensive garage doors that are available in the market are usually the customized wooden garage doors that can easily jump $5000 on just the purchase.

You can find a variety of garage doors built from different materials. Brand wood garage doors are usually the most famous ones amongst the homeowners. Wooden garage doors can fit in with almost any home design and are usually made of Cedar plank, Redwood and Hemlock out of which Cedar garage doors are the most popular ones. Besides offering great looks, cedar wood is also decay resistant. Garage door repair in Elmhurst, IL

Although wooden doors offer great looks but they do not offer much strength and durability and are usually very high maintenance as compared to steel and aluminum garage doors that do not decay but are prone to dents and dings. Steel garage doors are the best when you talk about strength and durability and not to mention are inexpensive too. The galvanized steel garage doors require little to no maintenance at all and provide good safety for an extensive period of time. If you are looking forward to buying a steel garage door then always go for the ones with 25 or higher gauge. Metal garage doors, on the other hand are not as good of an insulator as the wooden garage doors are. If you use an air conditioner or a heater in your garage during the summers and the winters respectively, then a metal door will not help with energy efficiency at all. This problem can be averted by choosing an insulated metal garage door. Most of the aluminum doors are made from aluminum slates with a foam filled center that ensure high insulation. This foam filling is also done in some of the galvanized steel door panel sheets. You should know that you can get a wooden finish on any type of metal garage door, if you are going for a wooden garage door just because of its looks. If you are looking forward to a customized door then you should also add in the possibility of double glazed windows and a pedestrian door according to your needs. Source: website

Why Custom Garage Doors are a Better Option?

GARAGE-DOORSGuest post by:

When you talk about the degree of customization of a garage doors, up and over garage doors are one the best options that you can come across. These types of garage doors are very popular amongst customers because they are inexpensive and can be easily fit with an efficient system. If you have much space available by your garage then these garage doors will be the most recommended ones by the suppliers. Up and over garage doors come in a variety of colors, designs and sizes and are compatible with all types of homes as well as vehicles and can be operated both manually and automatically. In case of an automated up and over garage door all you have to do is push a button on the remote control to open and close the door. These garage doors ensure high security, comfort and great quality. You can pick the design and style of these garage doors that better suit your taste and go great with the rest of the house. Another great thing about these doors is that they carry out a really quiet operation.  You can choose a variety from a variety of color options rather than going with the traditional white and grey.Source: web

When you talk about cleaning, the doors built with galvanized steel can be easily cleaned with oily hands and warm water and soap but if you are looking forward to cleaning a wooden up and over garage door then wooden preservation options should be considered. You would want to consider an automated system if you are looking forward to install a garage door that is large in size because otherwise the weight of the door will make the manual opening and closing very difficult.

Moreover these garage doors are not much compatible with a garage of smaller size because they ten d to cover a lot of space and can hit nearby things during opening and closing. These garage doors are although very inexpensive when compared to sectional garage doors that offer a more sophisticated technology and other features. Garage Door Repair in Tinley Park, IL.

Garage Door Designing


In usual scenarios, garage doors are mostly 8 feet in width and 7 feet tall. Even then the installation of these standard sized garage doors does not provide sufficient space to drive a car in or out of the garage. It is difficult to do anything about the width and height of these garage doors in most cases and you have to deal with the problem on a daily basis. The only way you can avoid this situation is planning a new garage that meets all your specific needs. The size of the garage does not matter that much as long as the vehicle that you are driving can be parked easily but the space left for the installation of a garage door does matter. Trust in us, a professional garage door repair glenview, il.

If you are looking forward to parking two vehicles in the garage then the most garages that do usually have a width of 16 ft. with a height of 7ft that allows you to park any of your two vehicles without any trouble. This is the most standard size that easily accommodates the entrance and exit of two cars easily. Call garage door repair in highland park, il

When you talk about customized garage doors and how much they cost then it varies according to the features that you order but are usually expensive as compared to the standard ones. Although a customized garage door might cost more initially but when you think about the long term benefits and easy use, you will not give it a second thought. Imagine a scenario in which you bump your car into the garage door or in the wall while struggling to enter the car inside the garage. The expense a little accident like that can cost you will easily be less than the amount you would pay more for a customized one. Garage door repair gurnee, IL.

The most important thing that you should consider is the size of the vehicle that you are going to park inside your garage. If you are looking forward to parking a large vehicle that can also be an RV then you would have to consider going for a customized garage door option that will easily allow you to park your vehicle in the garage. It can be difficult to impossible to manually operate a large customized garage door because of the weight and getting it automated can be of a great help. You will be able to open and close the garage door with a push of a button and if the automating device features a radio antenna then things will be a lot easier as you will be able to control the garage door sitting in your vehicle with the help of a remote control. Garage Door Repair Skokie, IL

A good technique to figure out the size of garage door that you would want to get installed in your garage is by parking your car in another garage that is of the same size as you are looking forward to build. You will get an idea of how your car will fit in the garage and how much space the garage door will need to provide in order to easily drive through it.